Vendor Access Program

The Vendor Access Program was developed to allow frequent vendor entrance into the community without the need to pass through the gate attendant vetting. The program will provide you with a code to access the community during allowed business hours. For an annual fee of $10 and upon approval, you are provided an access code with which to enter. To qualify, you must visit the community at least twice a month, provide valid identification and vehicle information, and execute the contract which states the terms of the program. Each application will be reviewed and approved individually and you will be notified via email or text of your new code. Incomplete applications will be rejected and you will be required to resubmit or update your information in person. No payments will be processed until you qualify for your code.

Application steps:

1) Print the application from the link below.

2) Complete the application by signing and providing vehicle and driver identification information. Copies of Driver's licenses are required for non-fleet applications.

3) Leave your application with the gate attendant during your next visit along with the payment fee. You can waive the fee if your resident will sponsor you. Tell your customer they can email indicating your name and phone number plus their name and address within the community and the annual fee is waived. 

4) You will be notified of your entry code by text or email after it is approved. Approval may take up to two weeks.

Be aware that sharing the code with unauthorized individuals will result in a sizable fine, loss of code, and possible banning of access to the community.